GR11 Day 4 – Wild Camping to Hunters Cabin on the Collado de Urballo.

Of the 52 days it took us to complete the GR11, day 4 was probably the most tiring day for me. I started off on the GR11 over-weight and not fit, but was planning on getting “Trail Fit” In hindsight I don’t think the day was too bad, I know Zoe wasn’t as knackered as I was. It was a long day, to catch up on lost time from the previous short day. By the time I arrived at the Collado de Urballo, I was 100% done!, I even had trouble walking the 100m to pitch the tent for the night.

The walk started off in dubious weather, it did rain a bit, but eventually cleared up, to become excellent hiking weather. There were a lot of up’s and downs, before reaching the very quiet Elizondo. The water-point at the church was not working, so we did not hang around – We pressed on slowly climbing up to the Col.

There were very friendly hunters at the cabin, but were literally just getting into their vehicles to leave. The cabin was locked, but we were not planning to use it, so that was not a problem for us. We filled our bottles and bladders, incl. our Ortlieb, and walked just 100m  to a nice spot to pitch the tent and have a warm dinner.