Looking for a friendly guide to join you on the GR11 or some of the other worlds most stunning long distance trails?

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GR 11 - May - July 2022

Wanting to hike the GR 11 and looking for company?
I will be hiking the GR 11 from mid May – mid July 2022

The GR11 is an adventure of a lifetime, and should not be taken lightly.

It starts at sea level and about 860km further it ends at sea level, in between is stunning ancient hamlets & villages and spectacular mountains.

The preferred route starts at the Atlantic side and ends at the Mediterranean side.

The GR11 passes through The Basque region Navarra, Aragon, Catalonia and of course Andorra. The highest point on the actual GR11 is about 2800m, however there are numerous higher peaks that can be reached while on the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is NO, the GR11 is fairly well marked and Cicerone’s  GR11 Guidebook is really good. However, that does not mean it is an easy hike, and a lot more people [ are forced to ] quit the trail, than actually finish it.

A lot of people prefer to walk alone, but a lot of people much prefer to have company on the trails. Not everyone can take about 2 months off to cross the Pyrenees, so a lot of people haven’t got the opportunity to walk with a friend / partner.

Walking with someone that knows the trails, is a huge benefit, and in a lot of cases peace of mind.

I actually don’t make any money from this, all I ask is that it doesn’t cost me anything either..

Please contact me for a quote.

That really depends on weather and snow conditions. I average about 51 days, that includes about 5 rest days

I love hiking, but there are certain trails, or parts of the world I have no interest in. As a guide I will only commit to hikes / regions that I know I will enjoy – please contact me with the details of the hike, and when you are wanting / able to do it. 

The other international trails I guide are :

  • The Camino Frances – Spain [ starts in France ] an about 770km Pilgrimage from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela
  • The GR11 – Spain – about 860km crossing the Spanish Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Med.
  • The GR1 – Spain – about 1200 km historic trail from the Pico’s to the Med
  • The GR7 – Spain – about 1900km from Andalucía to Andorra – there is also a shorter about 735km version possible ending in Puebla de don Fadrique
  • Via de la Plata – Spain – +1000km by far the longest Camino de Santiago route that crosses the whole of Spain from Andalucia in the South to Galicia in the North
  • The GR20 – Corsica – about 180km traversing Corsica diagonally from north to south. Arguably Europe’s finest mountain trek
  • The Kungsleden – Sweden – about 440km trail between Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south
  • All New Zealand Trails – without doubt the best trails network in the world.  
  • The Chlkoot Trail – Canada / Alaska, a historic hike that retraces the steps of the Klondike Gold Rush [ short 3-5 day hike ]

Is your dream trail not listed?.. no problem, we will gladly join you as a “hiking companion”  no doubt we will successfully navigate the trail together.

For more info please contact me with any questions you have

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