GR11 Day 5 – Collado de Urballo – wild camping near Albergue  Sorogain

Yesterday was [for me] the most tiring day, and Day 5 was the most miserable [weather wise].

It started of grey but dry, but it soon started raining, and it rained for 24 hours! – because of the rain, we did not enjoy the trail as much, the downhill trail through the forest became very slippery and muddy.

Our plan was to walk to Burguete, but ‘cos we were wet, cold and not very happy, we decided we would call it a day at Albergue Sorogain. We passed some half decent wild campsites, albeit that the cows were there, and if there was a cow, there was sure to be cow shit on every flat bit of ground. We continued the 2 km to the Hostel,  just to find out it was not open yet for the season, we were 1 day too early! – Totally bummed, cold and tired, we decided to back-track to the campsites we had passed. We found a half decent spot on an island, that wasn’t covered in cow shit.