Cumulus Lite Line 300 Sleeping Bag

I myself had never heard about “Cumulus”.. and I actually appreciated that.

I have 2 very good sleeping bags, but they are both the size of a microwave oven, and probably weigh the same, also they are both 4 season bags, definitely not what I was looking for, this time round.


I googled a “Lightweight 3 season sleeping bag” and came across the Cumulus 300 lite Line – These 2 reviews of the bag persuaded me to get one GustoFrenzy  and Crossing Aotearoa.

I was looking mainly for lightweight and compact.. no doubt the Cumulus 300 Lite Line offers both.

The peeps on the above blogs did a far better review than I could ever do, so I will just jump straight to my conclusion..

Would I recommend the Cumulus 300 lite line?..

Before I answer this, you as the reader of this review must know that I am a 6.2ft / 1.85m fella.

This is definitely a 3  season bag, and in all honesty, I could have gotten away with a 2 season bag, however there were days I did need the warmth, and the Cumulus definitely did the job. It’s very light, and packs away to the size of a 1 liter drinking bottle.

I only used it as a blanket, un-zipped, ‘cos it was a very tight fit for my length and build

I would definitely recommend this sleeping bag for anyone shorter than 6ft / 1.80m and a slight build. The manufacturer does state under the specs that the max. user height is 1.85 / 6.2ft – Anyone taller than that I would not suggest this particular sleeping bag.

More info from the official Cumulus website


A classic and the most popular of our Spring and Summer models. It is characterized by a very low weight of 640 g using an advanced cell trapezoid design which gives it a great advantage over the competition. Made of the tried and tested Pertex Quantum fabric, weighing 35 g/m². It is a model that more ardent proponents of “Fast and Light” use even in light winter conditions.



Please visit the Cumulus website for more info

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